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The Importance of Communication

In this blog article, I want to share with you the importance of communication. It goes without saying that communication is a crucial ingredient to any mind-blowing experience. Whenever communication is right, any moment that follows is one to relish.

In my experience, I have found that clients seem to undervalue the importance of communication with an escort, thinking that it is all about an email or a text message. In fact, communication is really important from the time you first reach out, to the first introduction even when you say goodbye.

So... if you have been taking communication lightly, here is a breakdown on the importance of communication when meeting with escorts and luxury companions in Seattle.

1. Proper communications will help manage expectations.

I understand that you have fantasies, we all do especially when meeting someone new. The truth is however that most people make bookings with some pictures in mind like body features like big breasts and a nice big booty (which I am pleased to say I am known for! Take a look at my gallery by clicking here).

While it is okay to have expectations, it is important to communicate clearly with the escort you are looking to book to avoid disappointment. By the time you confirm a booking with an escort, make sure that you provide all the information so that we can handle your expectations, making sure you date or experience is a dream come true.

2. With clear communication, you can avoid misunderstandings.

Unfortunately, misunderstandings are very common in the escort-client relationship, most of them seem to arise because of money, or service pricing. In some cases, I have experienced times when my clients have verbally and written abused me saying they have felt ripped off or offered less than the initial agreement, but it has been because the client did not communicate properly what they were seeking with me and expected me to read their mind (sadly, I am not a fortune teller or a psychic, if I was I would know when you were going to book me *wink*).

So, it is really important that you communicate clearly to avoid these types of misunderstandings, as we only know what it is you want to explore together if you are open and honest with us.

3. Communicate properly and make it easy for everyone.

Make sure that before you confirm your booking with an escort, you have communicated everything you feel that the escort should know. It doesn’t take so much explaining to understand that everything becomes more manageable when you both understand each other perfectly.

There is nothing as embarrassing as disagreeing on something that you could have easily avoided if only you had taken a minute to discuss before the meeting with an escort. Trust me, if you communicate clearly with an escort you will have a much better experience together.

4. Nurture opportunities to meet again.

Just imagine, if you communicate clearly with an escort and you make things easy, convenient, smooth and fun with an escort - you could be invited or provided the opportunity to meet with the same escort again. Why wouldn’t you want to experience the amazing time you had together again?

Always remember that if you and your escort develop a proper understanding of each other, it will become easier to connect in the future which means opportunities to meet again will be even better and easier to arrange, with less stress and less misunderstandings.

Every good experience the escort has with you, she is more likely to want to meet with you again.

My Final note for you...

Communication is important when it comes to an escort and client relationship. It is something that is really easy to get right, so just be open, hones and straight to the point when you approach an escort for a booking and you will find the experience to be one of the most rewarding you have ever had in your life, or your wildest dreams. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Valentina Loren is your Elite Luxury Companion, International Entertainer and Orchestrator of Bliss, as seen on PlayBoy Cyber Model and SuicideGirls. Click Here to Book your adventure together or send an SMS (only) to 206-533-4126 for more information.

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