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Navigating The Escort and Client Relationship

In this blog article, I want to share with you the importance of maintaining a positive escort and client relationship. Like any relationship, when emotions are involved there is the potential for unforeseen drama that needs to be smoothed over, with clear and courteous communication and respect.

I am often asked whether Clients fall in love with me.

While it is true, that there are times where professional relationships with my clients start heading in a more personal direction, I always try to softly and gently nudge my clients back in the professional direction, to ensure their feelings are never hurt... there is nothing more painful then a broken heart.

Any high class companion in Seattle will tell you that the best success as a female sex worker is to maintain positive and genuine connections with the clients who respect your boundaries and do not try and overstep the line between a professional and personal relationship.

I often have found, my best clients are the men who have an air of sophistication about themselves and know who they are and are confident. They seem to understand the importance of keeping our relationships purely professional, it takes pure skill and finesse.

Here are a couple of my insider tips I think you should know.

Why do clients fall for their escorts?

Put very simply, clients meet with me because they find me attractive first - it is a lust thing and the idea of having the most beautiful female escort in Seattle in their arms, is comforting and reassuring so naturally, some of my clients fall in love with me. As an escort, I do not judge, and I provide a free space for you to explore your sexuality and sensuality without judgement. When I provide the opportunity for you to express yourself freely, this does lead to clients forgetting for a split moment that they are paying for my time and my expertise as a luxury escort and elite companion.

How do I keep our relationship purely casual?

I believe it is really important to understand expectations. From our very first date or adventure together, I always make sure that you understand the boundaries and I understand your desires. I understand that when clients meet with me they are meeting me because they need my careful guidance and experience to fulfil one or two missing things in their lives. I will establish your expectations, understand your needs and desires; creating an experience for our casual encounter.

Keep an Open and Clear Mind, Always.

I encourage my clients to maintain an open mind and maintain their health, because they need to look after themselves just as much as I need to look after my health, wellbeing and safety too.

Many clients fail at this stage, which does result in me cancelling bookings or refusing to meet with a client because they are not taking their physical or mental health seriously.

To keep an open mind and a clear mind, clients are asked to avoid alcohol and drugs. Any forms of intoxication before or during our dates together will leave you not only feeling emotionally vulnerable, but will mean that I will not feel comfortable and I will cancel our time together.

Avoid Opening Up Too Much.

I am a very good listener and I genuinely care about my clients, but I strongly recommend that you do not project too many of your insecurities or personal problems onto me. If you feel like you need to talk, I recommend you find a professional counsellor or therapist to help you. If you share too much with me such as deep issues and concerns, or grievances this can lead to uncalled attachments which means I will need to stop seeing you as a client as things start becoming too intertwined. I truly care about all my clients, but we need to be careful with how much we share

with each other.

Keep Our Regular Encounters To A Minimum.

I love spending time with my clients but it is really important that I stress that In my experience, when clients are seeing me daily or several times a week they can become very demanding and this is very uncomfortable for me. I have had clients who try and take control of our relationship together and who try and demand additional time from me, when I need to treat all my clients equally.

I like to remind my clients that the best things come to the clients who respect me, respect my time and who practice patience and self control. This will help reassure me that you are safe and care about our professional relationship together and will keep out unnecessary drama.

My Final note for you...

Above all, the most important thing I recommend my clients keep in mind is to be mindful that at times it is very easy to fall in love with me and any escort you choose to meet with. As escorts, we are the desirable companion. Please understand that if a client starts to compromise the relationships I am building with other clients or begins to stress me out, I have to let them go and I do not enjoy letting my clients go over these situations.

Together, let’s explore your sexuality and sensuality with an open mind and an open heart. I look forward to meeting with you soon for our first or even our next adventure. Love always, Valentina.

Valentina Loren is your Elite Luxury Companion, International Entertainer and Orchestrator of Bliss, as seen on PlayBoy Cyber Model and SuicideGirls. Click Here to Book your adventure together or send an SMS (only) to 206-533-4126 for more information.

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